Ancient Greek Artifacts

Photo of the Porch of the Maidens at the Acropolis

Caryatid Statues (Britannica School)

Photo of wall painting of a girl

Painting of girls gathering flowers (History Wiz)

Photo of a gold mask

The Death Mask of Agamemnon (History Wiz)

Photo of a Greek temple

The Parthenon (Britannica School)

Photo of the theater at Delphi

Theater at Delphi (Ancient

Photo showing Greek art of women with water jars

Greek home life (BBC)

Photo showing a Greek statue of an athlete

Self Crowning Athlete (Field Museum)

Photo showing a Greek vase

Amphora (Britannica School)

Photo showing a Greek coin

Greek coin (Getty Museum)

Photo showing Ancient Greek painting of a funeral

Inscribed gold tablet for funeral (Wikipedia)

Photo showing pottery fragment with Ancient Greek writing

Ostracism ballot (History Wiz)

Photo showing statue of Pericles from Ancient Athens

Pericles (Britannica School)

Photo showing statue of Leonidas

Statue of Leonidas (Britannica School)

Photo showing statue of Alexander the Great

Head of Alexander the Great (Britannica School)

Photo showing writing from Ancient Greece and image of leg

Carving with inscription explaining for the cure of a bad leg (Wikipedia)

Relief sculpture showing the gods Poseidon and Apollo

Statue showing Poseidon and Apollo (Britannica School)

Photo showing statue of centaurs

Statue showing battle between centaurs and Lapiths (Britannica School)

Photo showing relief sculpture of Greek gods

Twelve Olympian Gods (Wikipedia)

Photo of painting of Athena

Birth of Athena from Zeus's head (Britannica School)

Painting of a Greek boat on a vase

Greek ships (BBC)

Photo of statue of Hippocrates

Hippocrates - the father of medicine (Britannica School)

Photo of painting of physician on a Greek vase

Physician treating a patient (Wikipedia)

Photo showing mechanical device from Ancient Greece

The Antikythera Mechanism (Smithsonian Magazine)

Photo of Greek vase showing Greek soldiers about to leave for war

Greek soldiers leaving for war (BBC)

Photo showing painting of battle on a vase

Scene from a battle (Google Cultural Institute)

Photo showing bronze helmet

Corinthian Helmet (Google Cultural Institute)

Photo showing collage of artifacts related to Greek gods

Artifacts related to gods (BBC)

Photo of the Winged Victory Statue

Winged Victory Statue (Louvre Museum in Paris)

Image of Greek vase showing runners

Vases showing sports (Met Museum)

Photo showing a Greek statue of a women

Statue showing woman wearing a chiton (Britannica School)